The New Era 

Of Women

Wellness & Health   

Using 21st Century Technology to Leverege the Eons Old Eve Curse  


The Messages From The Body 

Once a month for about 40 years the woman's body is sending her messages regarding her health. Gals Bio is developing the technology that will enable women around the globe to safely and efficiently handle their monthly menses as well as monitor their health by deciphering the messages from their bodies

We call it: Tulipon  

"Turning Lemons to Lemonade"

Tulipon collects the monthly secretions like a Menstrual Cup but it is used just like a tampon with an applicator. Moreover, Tulipon proprietary novel technology will be able to monitor and screen women's health based on bio markers found within the collected secretions. 



Gals Bio was featured in Israel21C as one of Israel's most promising Femtech startups:


Protect your body

Read its messages!