Written by: Hilla Shaviv

In the US they managed to invent a new kind of time machine on Friday (June 24th), however, in spite of all the available technology nowadays, this machine only travels backwards in time.

On the one hand, Femtech is getting more and more awareness, and women as well as men are open to the feeling that changes must take place, and more funding and research are now taking place. On the other, while it will take a few years before we see any of the fruits of these changes come to the market, in the US and Poland laws are being changed to prevent women from having control of their own lives and bodies. These laws are essentially taking us backwards as a society, destroying all the progress, social evolution, and mental progress we managed to make over the years.

Laws were created to protect society, the individuals in it, and to enable us to live together in an orderly manner. As civilized human beings, we do not live anymore under the rules of natural selection where only the strong survive. We managed to get to a place where we aspire to treat all as equals and to give all equal chances. In the US this is protected in the constitution in the Equal Protection Clause.

So should an unborn embryo get the same protection? Or alternatively, as a society, who should get our protection, an unborn, conscious-less, unwanted embryo who cannot take care of him/herself and is totally dependent on the society, or the adult woman who happened to have the biological and anatomical means to create this embryo? In Japan and India, you cannot buy a car if you don’t have where to park it, so why should babies be born if they don’t have a guarantee for proper growing conditions? The psychological effects of having an unwanted child are devastating to everyone — the child, the mother, the rest of the family. Protecting the embryo may be saving a life, however, by doing so we are destroying the living.

I hope we as a society will be smart enough to abolish backward thinking and that we’ll create a better world for us the people who already live in it. And I want to encourage all the women in the US and Poland, don’t give up! Continue to struggle for your basic rights, no one in this world should not get equal rights.

Hilla Shaviv

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