Hilla Shaviv

Inventor, Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Hilla Shaviv is a biomedical engineer, a serial inventor and entrepreneur in the women’s health arena, with more than 20 years of experience in medical device R&D. Over the last 13 years she focused on researching and developing women’s health devices. Hilla’s education and experience concentrated on bio-fluid dynamics where she developed various devices, including a heart assist device, as well as carrying out computational blood flow and in-vitro simulations. Hilla entered the entrepreneur world in 2007 after having founded her first company GalMedics, where she developed a new kind of tampon that treats menstrual pain, based on her own invention. In 2016, she established GalsBio with the goal of developing Tulipon.

Hilla earned a BSc from Caltech (Mechanical & Fluid Dynamics Engineering, cum laude) and an MSc from Tel Aviv University (Biomedical Engineering). 


Dr. Amos Ber, OBGYN

Chief Medical Officer

Specialist in Obstetrics and Gynecology, amniocentesis, abortions, contraception, gynecologic plastic surgery and menopause. 

Received his MD degree in 1981 from Tel Aviv Univ., and for 30 years served as a senior gynecologist initially in the Tel Aviv Medical Center (Ichilov) and later in Maccabi health centers.
Dr. Ber authored the bestseller “The Israeli Guide to Pregnancy and Childbirth” and other books and articles including “The Israeli Guide for women aged 40 +” targeting women before and around menopause.
Dr. Amos Ber participated in many TV and radio interviews and is frequently cited and writes articles in the popular press and the internet on subjects involving gynecology, obstetrics, amniocentesis, contraception (the pill and IUD) plastic surgery of the vagina and menopause.
Dr. Ber is an active participant in forming position statement papers of the Israeli Medical Association giving guidelines to physicians in the fields of abortion and contraception.


Omer Shezifi

Chief Technology Officer

Omer has more than 25 years of extensive experience in R&D and product development with various technology and medtech companies. Previously R&D manager, project manager and technical marketing manager of Stryker GI, a project manager with Aran and VP R&D of Endoaid Ltd.,

Omer holds a B.Sc in Mechanical Engineering from the Technion and MS in Engineering Management from Tufts University, MA, USA.


Elinor Cohen

Chief Strategy Officer

A Community Developer and networker in her DNA, Elinor has decades of experience in marketing, training and Management Consulting. Elinor has been assisting companies in expanding into international markets by giving them road maps, strategies, and engaging brand narratives and experiences. Elinor’s experience includes working with startups and larger corporations alike. She specializes in the healthcare sector.
Elinor holds a B.A from the University of Haifa in Political Science and International relations.


Jade O'Mahony

Marketing Operations Manager

Jade is a world-traveled brand ambassador and business growth specialist who provides marketing and business development services only to brands she truly believes in. Jade works with companies and entrepreneurs who are committed to making a positive impact on people and the planet.  Jade has helped companies make a difference because of their innovation and passion to do better for the world we live in.
Jade’s diverse experience includes working with NGOs, charities and people-focused organizations within the healthcare sector.
Jade takes great pride in providing the behind-the-scenes support that companies need. She ensures that they get their key message across and achieve optimal results by making the significant difference in our world that they seek. Jade is driven by the passion of others and the impact of change.

Raz Agron

R&D Engineer


Riemer Kingma


Helena Grinberg-Rashi

Ph.D., MBA, RN

Regulatory Affairs


Osnat Fux

Production Engineer


Zachi Zach

Legal Counsel