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About Tulipon

For about 40 years of their lives, 21st century menstruators must manage their monthly periods in much the same way as they did a century ago, using the same unsatisfactory options: pads, panties, tampons, and menstrual cups. All are limited in various ways in terms of safety, comfort, ease of use, leakage, odor, environmental hazards, and significant health risks, sometimes deadly (TSS). 

In addition, menstruation, essentially a monthly “biopsy” that contains unique biomarkers of wellness and health, is simply discarded.

Gals Bio, an Israeli startup, aims to change this reality with its innovative new hygiene device called Tulipon. Tulipon combines the best features of tampons and menstrual cups and adds some new unique features to create a holistic, worry-free solution for managing monthly bleeding and, for the first time, using these natural secretions to monitor health.

Tulipon is inserted into the body with a water soluble applicator; however, once inside the body, it opens to function like a menstrual cup, collecting the secreted fluids. It can be used safely for up to 12 hours during any activity, including exercise and sleep. After 12 hours, the user pulls a string that closes a liquid-locking valve and the Tulipon structure, allowing for easy removal from the body. Finally, the used Tulipon devices, which are made of polymeric ecological materials, are disposed of properly. 

Tulipon’s first two monitored biomarkers are bleeding volume and vaginal pH, each of which provides a very early indication of health status as it changes over time. While the former is an early indicator of iron deficiency, the onset of fibroids, polyps or pre-menopause, the latter indicates changes in the vaginal flora, indicating various pathogens, including STDs.

Tulipon is now available on Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign, giving menstruators early access to at-home health monitoring and revolutionizing women’s health.

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Some Quotes

Dr. Amos Ber – OBGYN

“Tulipon is the unique approach to women’s menstrual health. It will finally give an answer to women experiencing heavy menstrual bleeding. In the future it will enable women health monitoring by leveraging this monthly information and creating a new and meaningful approach to women’s health”

Hilla Shaviv – Inventor, Founder & Chief Executive Officer

We are turning Eve’s biblical curse into a blessing

Rachel Braun Scherl – Women’s health business & marketing expert

Tulipon has the opportunity to help women have a much better understanding of their cycles, their bodies and their health needs.

Tulipon is listening to the 51% of the population, whose particular concerns and need for knowledge of their own bodies have been widely ignored

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