The Tulipon is set to revolutionize how we menstruate. I have personally worn a Tulipon and found it incredibly easy to use and totally unnoticeable throughout my day. It's exciting to see expert engineering and product design come to the menstrual health space.

Brittany Barreto PhD. - President & Founder, Femhealth Insights.

The Tulipon is a new branch in women’s wellness & health. A novel period product that combines the best of both worlds: the familiar usability and cleanliness of a tampon, and the capability to hold more fluid of the menstrual cup (up to 12 hours!). With its added layer of biomarker monitoring, the Tulipon essentially turns your monthly bleeding into a “biopsy” used to monitor and screen your health. The first two available biomarkers are the menstrual bleeding amount and vaginal pH

And if that’s not enough, the Tulipon is an eco-friendly, sustainable product, which is also disposable! It’s individually wrapped, the applicator is water soluble (you can flush it once dissolved) and the cup is recyclable.

Tulipon - great for women great for the planet, no leak, no mess, long lasting protection ideal for sport and exercise, a product with huge potential to benefit women's health in the future - can't wait to see what's next for this revolutionary new product. Well-done Tulipon for putting women's health first.

Jade O'Mahony - Marketing professional.

Turning Eve’s Biblical Curse into a blessing

The monthly bleeding is not perceived or celebrated as the source of life, fertility, or health, but rather it is associated negatively with pain, stress, uneasiness, queasiness, disgust, burden, fear and alike.

We set out to change this reality for our sisters around the world, by developing a holistic platform for feminine hygiene and health management, offering a range of features, never before seen in a single period product!

The Tulipon Features


Easy to use

Insert like a tampon with the applicator, remove by pulling the string

Day and Night

Up to 12 hours of leak-free use! Holds up to 45 ml (equivalent to 3-4 large tampons)

Any activity

Use the Tulipon during any activity and sports; Wear whatever you want!

Safe & worry-free

The Tulipon is made from biocompatible and environmentally friendly materials. There are no fibers (no fiber-shedding).

Track your health

The Tulipon measures and monitors two biomarkers: bleeding volume and vaginal pH. Your data is safely stored and available to you on our mobile app. 


The Tulipon is disposable, yet sustainable! The applicator is water soluble and the cup is recyclable.
I've been using tampons all my life. As a heavy Menstrual bleeder I'm always on the look for something better, that will give me peace of mind for longer periods (pun intended!). I tried the Tulipon and I was blown away by how easy it was to use, how seamless it was and how long I could keep it in without any leaks and no worries. This is truly a revolutionary product and I can't wait to use it again.

Elinor Cohen - Engagement Strategist.


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